We all have wants and wishes. Sometimes we want what we can’t have. Sometimes we want what we absolutely can have – we just don’t realise how affordable it is!

A D.I.Y kitchen is an affordable choice if you have been thinking about buying a new one! If you can relate to anything on this list, maybe it is time to treat yourself!

Signs that you deserve a new kitchen!

You put up with ‘That Drawer’

That drawer could also be that cupboard. Or maybe you have both?! That drawer is the one that just never shuts properly! You can’t remember how or why it broke, but it’s been bugging you for years.


You clean your counter tops for hygiene, not for aesthetics!

Of course, it is important to clean for hygiene alone. But you miss the satisfaction of cleaning a scratch free surface, and leaving a dazzling shine!

You have tried many times to revamp your kitchen

But unfortunately, nothing is going to bring those old cupboards into the 21st century – and you know it!



You can see your most common journeys around the room

It’s all mapped out with worn in markings on the lino! You have tried to cover up the issue with a matt.. but you still know what lies beneath…


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You feel a hint of angst when friends visit with young children.

Could your kitchen actually be a health and safety risk? Who knows, but you have final destination induced scenarios running through your head, and you’d prefer to catch up in the living room.


Nothing has a place, and you are ‘OK’ with that


But really, your life could be made so much easier with better storage options.

You go to a friend’s house and are totally taken a back by their new kitchen.


You secretly wish you could cook your dinner there and host parties. You dream of having a brand new kitchen without spending too much. Well, with a DIY KITCHEN, you can!