Your kitchen is old, you know it. You want to buy a new one, but you don’t want to spend too much money. You need a kitchen refurbishment. Yes, we can read minds… So, we are going to tell you the “secrets” of how to get your new kitchen on a low budget. You will just need a can do attitude!

The first thing

Kitchen refurbishement - Old kitchen

Refurbish your kitchen easily

to do is remove your old kitchen cabinets. It should be easy in most cases, especially if you are not expecting to use them again for any other purpose, so you can break them, which makes this relaxing… even therapeutic! However, you may want to reuse the cabinets and only buy new doors for them. It is totally up to you, but the real change will come if you modify the structure of your kitchen a little bit.

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After that,

painting walls, and refurbishing the floor should be the next step. You can paint tiles, it is easy. Just ask for a special paint to do that job in your nearest shop. Remember to clean them before starting. And do not be scared of painting them with contrasted colours, or even like a chess board. For refurbishing the floor you can use vinyls or tile laminated flooring, which is an affordable option and the results are impressive, plus, you can install it by yourself easily. So, we got floor and the walls ready to go.

The third step

may vary depending on your choice in the first step. So, if you are just modifying the appearance of your kitchen and not the layout, it is time to take the old front doors and drawers out, and take the new ones out of the box. If you made a proper purchase (in terms of the size of your old cabinets and new doors), you just need a screwdriver to install the new ones, simple as that. In case you preferred to go a little bit further and restructure your kitchen, it’s the moment to mount your news cabinets, with the new doors. It is not difficult to do, you just need some more time, that’s all. Remember always to buy hinges and handles, which are not usually included with your cabinets and doors. If you are here, you are almost done with your kitchen refurbishment!

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Did you buy a new worktop?

If so, this is the moment to place it over your almost finished new kitchen!

Kitchen refurbishment - New kitchen

And that´s all!

To finish

your new design, you can add to the final work some kitchen accessories, like a kitchen clock, paintings, or whatever could give your kitchen something that better reflects your personality. Congratulations! You´ve finished your kitchen refurbishment !