Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home; It is more than just another room in the house. The kitchen design needs to reflect the personality of the owner, and the impression they want to show.

These days, the kitchen has taken on a bigger role in the house. It is where friends and family gather after a long day of work. It is where you can let loose and party together, or where you can chill and just catch up with each other.

Kitchens need to be useful, beautiful and make the most of every aspect they can offer.

Today, we will give you a brief example of what you can have; gloss kitchens, contemporary kitchens, classic kitchens. There are so many different styles to choose from – and with our range, they are affordable for everybody!

We always offer quality, usability and durability for the place we need to love.

We would be really pleased to cook in any of these kitchens below, and we are pretty sure you would be too!

We will start by talking about the more traditional, countryside kitchen design. These kitchens are appropriate for older houses complementing their overall design, encouraging beauty and elegance.
Traditional kitchen design Avondale Ivory – Traditional kitchen design

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However, you may want a traditional style kitchen in your modern home for an element of contrast and originality. This is up to you. Remember that high contrasts are very fashionable right now. These kitchens are usually made with neutral colours and shaker doors. You can also choose to have an island, which is popular in traditional style kitchens.Traditional/Contemporary kitchen design Gresham White – Traditional/Contemporary Kitchen Design

Let’s step ahead and have a look at some contemporary designs. They will fit most people’s idea of a dream kitchen. They integrate themselves well in most houses, and there are some more colours to choose from.
Contemporary Kitchen Design Odyssey Cream Gloss – Contemporary Kitchen design

The last group we created for you this time, is about the more bold choice of kitchens, the modern ones. We know a lot of people who like to go further, and want to have a kitchen with real “wow” factor. So here we are! They have more vivid colours, usually lacquered, and feature a new design concept which is very trendy right now; cupboards and drawers!
Modern Kitchen Design Aubergine – Modern Kitchen Design

We think these 3 groups cover the near full range of kitchens available out there, apart from industrial kitchens. Which one do you like? Are you brave enough to fit a modern one in your home?