There’s something cool about gadgets in the home.

Kitchen gadgets specifically seem to capture the imagination more than any other room in the house.

Maybe it’s the fact that they can make even the most mundane job exciting? Or is it that they can help to make those tricky and time consuming tasks just that little bit easier?

Whatever the reason, here’s a look at some of the most interesting, as well as the most functional products on the market for the most important room in your home.

1. Meat Carving Rack

Make one of the most tricky jobs easy next time you have a roast thanks to this easy to use device. Simply clamp the rack over the joint of meet and slice between the protective metal spacers for a perfectly even cut.

 2. Corner Cutting Board


Here’s a handy chopping board that really does cut corners in order to help you maximise all the space in your kitchen.

3. iPad Fridge Magnet


Watch TV, chat with friends or even look up the latest recipes safely with this fridge magnet holder for your tablet.

4. Muliti Layer Oven Shelf


Utilise all your oven space, as well as making life easier when it comes to Christmas dinner and family meals with a three tiered oven rack. Enabling you to cook one, two or three things at a time; you’ll no longer have to spin plates (or should that be juggle dishes?) to keep everything warm.

5. See Through Toaster


No need to guess when your toast is done perfectly thanks to this great invention, which allows you to see clearly when it’s done – just how you like it.

 6. Sauce Stirrer 


There will be no more burnt gravy when you go to answer the phone with this smart invention that does all the elbow work for you. Rotating slowly thanks to a battery powered motor the device frees you up to work on your other culinary creations.

7. Hot Dog Maker


Combine two jobs into one with a toaster that not only grills the bread but cooks the sausage too – what could be simpler?

8. Automatic Cheese Grater


No need to skin your knuckles again with this battery powered, automatic cheese grater. Simply place the cheese in the top and this handy gadget grates it for you with minimum effort.