We’re all pretty familiar with New Year’s resolutions, usually due to the fact that by the middle of January most of us have completely given up on them.

But how about this year you make a few pledges when it comes to your home?

Losing weight, getting fit or looking for a new job might make you feel better about yourself, but a few simple changes around the home can make a massive difference and even save you money.

So here are 10  domestic resolutions you might want to sign-up to in 2015, and it’s entirely up to you if you embrace all of them or just a few – you’re only cheating yourself!

1. Secure Your Home

If you’re planning to make home security a priority in the new year, don’t wait any longer. Do it now. Think about installing double glazing or uPVC windows and make sure your smoke detector is working. And if you don’t have a carbon dioxide detector, get one ASAP!

2. Add Some Greenery

Bring life into your home by introducing a little foliage. Having plants or flowers around the house instantly brightens a room, as well your mood. Plus, certain plants have air cleaning qualities, which is an added bonus.

3. Insulate Well

A few simple insulating techniques can go a long way when it comes to saving energy and ultimately money. So make sure your loft is sufficiently snug by using wool insulation and cover any hot water pips while you’re at it. You can also fit simple additions such as draught excluders under your doors and even specialist balloons to eliminate chilly breezes from unused chimneys.

4. Become More Energy Efficient

Replacing light bulbs, unplugging appliances, and turning off lights are all things you can do to be more energy efficient. But you can go that little bit further by choosing more efficient appliances or updating your gas and electricity supplier, which could save energy as well as money.

5. Reduce Clutter

Rather than wondering what to do with all the stuff you seem to have amassed over the last 12 months, how about you just get rid of it all together? Those toys that the children have grown out of can be taken to the charity shop. Or maybe that coffee table you no longer use could make a few quid on ebay?

6. Make a ‘To Do’ List

If things got a little un-organised at the end of last year, then this is the time to do something about it. Don’t tackle all those jobs that need doing around the house at once, create a ‘to do’ list, which you can then break down into bite sized chunks. Go room-by-room, writing down everything you want to change about that part of the home. This way you can approach everything head-on, but without burning yourself out in the process.

7. Replenish Your Supplies

It’s difficult to keep a home tidy when you don’t have the right utensils. So start off the year as you mean to go on and stock-up on cleaning products, polish, bleach, brushes, cloths, pretty much all the things you need to maintain a clean and hygienic living space.

8. Designate a Cleaning Day


There are some chores that just can’t wait, like washing the dishes. But designating one day a week for those little jobs like doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen floor can mean that things don’t mount up and get on top of you.

9. Deep Clean Your Kitchen


If there’s one room that seems to need constant attention when keeping a tidy home it’s the kitchen. And cleaning a little at a time will only go so far. So give your kitchen cabinets, cooker, hob, floor and pretty much every surface a thorough clean to begin the year, and this way it will be easier to maintain over the coming months.

10. Save Water


Yes we all know about turning off the tap when we’re brushing our teeth, but how about a few other ways of saving water? Things like only filling the kettle to the minimum, waiting until the dishwasher or washing machine is full before putting on a cycle, and even fitting water saving shower heads or a dual system toilet flush can all make a huge difference.