The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. You cook there, you eat there, you socialise there.

So when it comes to choosing the right design it’s important that you get it right.

Nowadays, as with any form of product purchasing, more and more people are turning to ordering their kitchen online – and it couldn’t be easier. Browsing through the many designs, materials and accessories is bound to provide all the inspiration you need to create your dream DIY kitchen.

Online Kitchens are certainly the way forward and, to help you out, here are five tips to follow when surfing the web for your brand new kitchen.

1)      Choosing the right worktop

Worktops really add colour and atmosphere to your kitchen, as well as performing a vital function when it comes to food preparation. Make sure you choose a worktop that is going to be durable, but also one that fits in well with the design of your home. Finsa worktops come in a whole range of colours and designs, while granite offers great durability along with a classic look.

2)      Creating enough space

As well as looking good, kitchen cupboards and units are there primarily for storage. Whether it’s wall cabinets, base cabinets or bridge cabinets, you need to work out just how much space you require, before selecting the carcases appropriately – there are a host of options available to ensure you get the right balance between storage space and preparation area.

3)      Selecting a floor that suits

Choose from a wide selection of laminate floors to really give your kitchen a distinctive look and feel. Tile effect laminate flooring is a great alternative and easy to install; as well as being durable and hard wearing over a number of years.

4)      Making sure you get the right doors

Along with the worktop, your doors say everything about your kitchen. From the colour you choose, right down to the design and feel of the handles. Classic oak or walnut doors give a traditional and homely feel, while gloss white or even black make a real contemporary statement for today’s homeowner.

5)      Accessories offer another alternative

A kitchen isn’t just about the fixtures and fittings. There are loads of accessories you can choose in order to add your own personal touch to the room; as well as providing a few extra practical uses. Pull-out larder units, vegetable baskets and wine racks all go a long way to utilising every last bit of space you have remaining in your kitchen.