Have you ever wondered about the kitchen carcasses sizes when buying a new DIY kitchen online? Do you think your kitchen has enough space to fit them all in? Are you afraid of feeling claustrophobic in there? Are you reading this with a 2 am TV advertisment voice? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place… Well, forget about the last one…

The standard sizes of the kitchen are followed not only in Europe, but worldwide. Any single seller respects these standards for one reason: to make it simple for the customer. Obviously, you can get your own size by asking directly, but in most cases, the standard size will fit your kitchen space properly.

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Let’s go ahead and find out what your needs are.

Kitchen carcasses are the basis of your kitchen. They create the layout for your room, which you will design your dream kitchen over. They are made by specialized companies with specialized machines, and specialized staff. They make hundreds and thousands of them on the chain everyday. They know what the size should be, because they work with builders, to get the best to the customer.

Kitchens sizes some years ago were different. They were handmade by a joiner coming to the house to measure your needs. The thing is, they didn’t have the machinery to get the same finishing as big companies do now. Plus, this can be a problem for the customer if they ever need to replace any accesories, doors, or whatever else could get broke or worn over a period of time.

Deeper into the topic, the standard sizes of kitchen carcasses takes into account the height of the average human, which is about 175cm; the worktops need to be a comfortable height so that we don’t harm our back. Plus, the high cupboards should be accessible for almost anybody… Yeah, I know we’ve all had to help someone to pick something from there, oh wait! Maybe you are the one requesting help. Anyhow, these sizes take into account human averages, to better fit our needs.

According to this, here you have some tables with different types of carcasses and its standard sizes:

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes - Base

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes – Base

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes - Larder

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes – Larder

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes - Wall

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes – Wall

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes - Wall

Kitchen Carcasses Sizes – Wall

So, in conclusion, we know each house is different, with columns, plugs, and any other needs for architectural purposes or facilities. Anyway every single kitchen in the world is (or should be) made taking its unique room size and particularities as only the beginning state of the refurbishment. So some companies allow you to send your drawing, or design and they will recommend the best for your room.

We will talk about more standardized measurements in the following posts. Stay tuned, share and comment about anything you find unclear.