Shrewsbury Diocese logoFinsa UK and Finsahome have awarded their Annual Christmas Charity Contribution to the Catholic Children’s Society (Shrewsbury Diocese).

This donation will help the Catholic Children’s Society to counter balance the effect of reduced Government Funding and to carry on providing their vital support to families in need across the Wirral.

Trish Spencer met Manuel Castineira and Donna Morris at the Finsahome Birkenhead showroom to be awarded this donation.

Trish Spencer said: ‘Our local communities today have many demands placed on them and families are facing many pressures, such as poor health, paying of bills, unsettled relationships, child behaviour, poor education levels, inadequate housing and changes in the benefit’s system. Family members sometimes lack the self esteem, confidence and energy to meet these challenges that society throws up. We work with and alongside people to empower and encourage them. We operate in small groups or work with individuals depending upon their needs and circumstances. We meet in places that are safe and familiar including family homes, schools or mutually agreed safe venues.
Experienced staff and volunteers work in partnership with other agencies to provide the best possible service. We would like to thank Finsa whose generous donation will help us to carry on with this work and build strong supportive communities wherever there is current disadvantage’

Finsa appreciate the hard work that staff and volunteers at the Catholic Children’s Society have been doing supporting families in need in the local area. Over 500 families benefited last year from their support. Their plans for the future involve creating local hubs though the Wirral to provide more opportunities for families-in-need to get in contact with them and benefit from their support. Also they work closely with sixteen local schools, looking to expand this collaboration to many more schools in the new year. All this preventive support helps fixing family situations and prevents them to develop into worse social tragedies.

Finsa and Finsahome close with this award their 2013 Finsa in the Community program.
During the last twelve months Finsa contributed to the Barnardo’s A Chance to Work initiative in Liverpool that supports integration in the work market for teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds. Finsahome also donated a new kitchen for The 1st Great Sutton Scout Group in Wirral so their social club now meets all the requirements of this lively group of children. And another Finsahome donation provided new laminate flooring for the new charity shop of Liverpool charity OLLY that looks after children who experienced the tragedy of the loss of a loved one. This Christmas charity contribution to the Catholic Children’s Society closes a successful Finsa in the Community program in 2013

Manuel Castineira said: ‘We are very proud of the hard work that so many local charities do over the year. We pride ourselves of building long lasting relationships with our customers and we care about what they care. Many of our customers are terribly involved in volunteering and charity work. And these contributions we made are our way tell them how much we appreciate all their effort and their hard work’

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