BASF LogoFinsa have teamed up with the BASF to reveal a new type of particleboard – branded as ‘SUPERPAN STAR’ – which is up to 20 per cent lighter than previous incarnations.

The design was showcased at the W12 Exhibition in Birmingham and was awarded a “Special Commendation” in the Design and Manufacturing Awards.

The particleboard combines technology from Finsa and BASF – the world’s largest chemical company – and is capable of reducing CO2 emissions thanks to the increased ease in transportation.

A panel of UK furniture and wood experts noted the SUPERPAN STAR for its design practicality and contribution to innovation.

“The already well-known benefits of SUPERPAN® technology, patented by FINSA, are that it combines the advantages of medium density fibreboard (MDF) with particleboard,” explained Finsa Marketing Director Siro Gomez.

He added: “The outer layers are made up of fibres, as an MDF board, and the internal layer is similar to a particleboard – because of this, SUPERPAN® boards offer greater board strength than a standard particleboard. SUPERPAN® offers several advantages with respect to processing: cutting, drilling and decorative covering are all of the highest quality.”

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Gutting, the Vice-President of BASF, said: “This collaboration shows that Kaurit® Light technology is not limited to standard particleboard, but can also achieve weight reductions in other kinds of board.”