Do you need a new kitchen?

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We all have wants and wishes. Sometimes we want what we can’t have. Sometimes we want what we absolutely can have - we just don’t realise how affordable it is! A D.I.Y kitchen is an affordable choice if you have been thinking about buying a new one! If you can relate to anything on this

Cool kitchen gadgets that just make sense!

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Make your life easier with these kitchen gadgets we selected for you! A custom engraved rolling pin is the first of the kitchen gadgets in this list. It will make any creation extra special! Multiple scissors will save you loads of time and effort when preparing herbs, garnishes and salads! A bread saw is way

DIY kitchen: How to spruce it up on a budget

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You've already built by yourself your DIY kitchen, well done! What if you improve it almost for free? DIY Kitchen by FinsaHome •Create an artwork display in your kitchen Kitchen artwork display •Re-paint cabinets a different colour Refurbish your DIY kitchen •Place some fresh fruit in a bowl to

8 Foods That You Can Clean With (As Well As Eat)

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If your home is anything like mine, there are all kinds of cleaning products scattered around every kitchen cupboard, draw and shelf. But what you’re probably not aware of is that there are dozens of natural cleaning agents all around you that you’ve never even considered using or aren’t even aware do just as good

8 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

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src=”×203.jpg” alt=”food to freeze” width=”300″ height=”203″ />Frozen food may have gained a bit of a poor image over the years for being unhealthy, as well as being only something a “lazy” chef uses. However, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with preparing fresh and delicious creations and then freezing what you don’t use for a later date.

5 Great Time Saving Kitchen Devices

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Time is everything when it comes to the kitchen. Seconds can be the difference between sensational and sub-standard; while minutes can transform the magnificent into something a little more mediocre. This is where we need some of those inventions that not only make our lives easier, but save some of that ever-so-important time. Thankfully help

8 Amazing Kitchen Tools You Never Knew Existed

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  Some gadgets are there to make life easier, and some are there just to look cool. And it’s fair to say that most fall into the “Look good but what’s the point,” category. The great thing about kitchen tools is that they can do both – making your life easier while adding a real

8 Gadgets That Your Kitchen Must Have

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There’s something cool about gadgets in the home. Kitchen gadgets specifically seem to capture the imagination more than any other room in the house. Maybe it’s the fact that they can make even the most mundane job exciting? Or is it that they can help to make those tricky and time consuming tasks just that