Underlay for laminate flooring, which one?

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Before installing a new laminate floor we may want to place a layer underneath the actual floor. It is called foam, underlay, or base. There are some important reasons to do that: Steam Barrier To level small irregularities Thermal isolation Acoustical isolation Talking about its thickness, there are many different types. But the most used

How to clean Laminate Flooring

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Cleaning your laminate flooring, it is easy! Once a new laminated floor has been installed, many people will ask themselves how to make that brand new shiny look last a lifetime. You will need to know how to clean it properly! It is really easy, but in this post we will offer tips on how

Three Reasons why Laminate Flooring Rules

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Jay Preston is blogger and Brand Manager for ToolHQ cordless tools. He enjoys sharing DIY and remodeling tips and ideas. Here, he shares his thoughts on why Laminate Flooring is the beats the competition. In the past, laminate flooring has sometimes been associated with negative feedback.  Partly because many people hear the word “laminate” and

Seven Tips That Will Help Keep Your Carpet Spotless

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This blog post has been contributed by Cormac Reynolds, who is a “very amateur” DIY lover, however, he still tries to expend all his knowledge across the net on home improvement projects. If you have children or pets in your home, then there’s a certain inevitability that carpets will be stained. Any amount of precaution

Five easy ways to keep your tile floor spotless

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Tile is a form of flooring that comes in many forms. The most popular form of tile for the home is ceramic. Home owners love the look and feel of ceramic tile as it can give the home an updated look as well as durable floor surface. However, every home owner understands that their floor will become